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Kata Awalan L Menurut Kamus Melayu Inggris

Index Kamus Melayu Inggris
Kata Awalan L Menurut Kamus Melayu Inggris
No Kata Arti
1 laba profit
2 labah-labah spider
3 labang hard of hearing
4 labi-labi river turtle
5 labu gourd
6 labuci sequin; spangle
7 labuh (1)hanging down; long (of dress) (2)to anchor
8 labur to invest
9 laci drawer
10 lacur indecent; obscene
11 lada chillies; pepper
12 ladam horseshoe
13 ladang estate; farm; plantation
14 laden to serve; to wait on
15 lading (1)a type of broad and curved chopper (2)a dug-out canoe
16 lafaz utterance
17 laga clash; collide; fight
18 lagak manner; conduct; behaviour; swank
19 lagang to begin weaving
20 lagi-lagi again and again
21 lagi again; still; and; also; more; additional
22 lagipun moreover; besides
23 lagu song
24 lahad niche for the corpse in a Muslim grave
25 lahap (1)gluttonous; greedy (2)to eat greedily
26 lahar lava
27 lahir born
28 laici lychee
29 laidaun blade (e.g. of grass)
30 lain-lainnya etcetera; others
31 lain other; different
32 lajak fast; outspoken
33 laju fast
34 lajur column (e.g. of troops)
35 lakar to sketch; to outline
36 lakaran a sketch
37 laki-laki male
38 laki husband
39 laknat to damn; to curse; a curse
40 lakon to act (in a play or film)
41 lakonan an act; a play; a drama
42 laksa a preparation of noodles
43 laksamana admiral
44 laksana to perform; to execute; to accomplish
45 laku (1)to happen; to occur (2)marketable
46 lakur fuse; blend
47 lala a type of sea mollusc
48 lalah to gobble
49 lalai careless; negligent; indifferent
50 lalak to yell
51 lalang long-bladed grass
52 lalat a fly (insect)
53 lali immune
54 lalu lintas traffic
55 lalu-lalang passing back and forth
56 lalu to pass; to make way; to elapse (of time)
57 laluan passage
58 lalut disjointed (of talk)
59 lama-lama finally
60 lama-lamaan in the long run
61 lama old; a long time
62 lamar to put forward; to propose
63 lamaran proposal; application
64 lambai to wave
65 lambak disorderly heap
66 lambang symbol; emblem;
67 lambat-laun sooner or later
68 lambat slow; late
69 lambuk friable
70 lambung (1)to lob; to toss up; to bounce up (2)bulwark
71 lamin bridal dais
72 lampai lanky; slim
73 lampan tin mine
74 lampau abysmal; extreme; excessive
75 lampin napkin; diaper
76 lampir to affix; to attach; to enclose
77 lampiran attachment; enclosure; appendix
78 lampu lamp
79 lampung float
80 lamun to day-dream
81 lamunan a day-dream
82 lanar alluvium
83 lanau silt
84 lanca rickshaw
85 lancang (1)outspoken; cheeky (2)a swift-sailing yacht
86 lancar fluent; smooth
87 lancip tapered
88 lancong to travel or tour
89 lancung phoney; sham; false
90 lancur to gush out
91 landa to enter forcefully; to hit; to strike
92 landai gently sloping
93 landak porcupine; hedgehog
94 landas base; foundation
95 landasan rail
96 langah to open widely
97 langak to search
98 langau bluebottle fly
99 langgai the shell of leguminous seeds
100 langgan to subscribe
101 langganan subscription
102 langgar to collide
103 langit-langit canopy
104 langit sky
105 langkah a step
106 langkan baluster
107 langkas fall of the fruit; end of fruit season
108 langkau to skip or omit
109 langkup overturned or upside-down
110 langsai to settle or clear (of debt)
111 langsing slender; slim and graceful
112 langsir curtain
113 langsuir a female vampire
114 langsung direct
115 lanjur to expand
116 lanjut continuous
117 lanjutan continuation
118 lantai floor
119 lantak hammer
120 lantang clarion; audible; loud
121 lantar to put forward
122 lantas forthwith; straight away
123 lantik to appoint
124 lantikan appointment
125 lantun to bounce; to rebound
126 lantur to digress; to deviate
127 lanun pirate
128 lanyak to trample
129 lap to wipe; to mop
130 lapah to skin; to devour
131 lapan eight
132 lapang spacious; roomy; open and wide; free (of time)
133 lapangan terbang airfield
134 lapangan (1)field (2)sphere of interest
135 lapar hungry
136 lapik underlayer; lining
137 lapis layered
138 lapisan layer; class
139 lapor to report
140 laporan a report
141 lapuk mouldy; stale
142 lara heartache; sorrow
143 laram stylish; showy
144 larang to prohibit; to forbid
145 larangan prohibition
146 laras barrel (e.g. of gun)
147 larat able; dragging on
148 lari to run
149 larik to smoothen with a lathe; to carve
150 laris in damand; marketable
151 larut (1)dissolving; melting (2)late (of night)
152 lasak durable
153 Lasam faded
154 lastik catapult
155 lata (1)to creep (2)cascade; waterfall
156 latah to say or do something unconsciously out of shock or fright
157 latar belakang background
158 latar setting
159 latih to train; to practise
160 latihan asas basic training
161 latihan training; practice;
162 latuk a type of large knife curved at the top
163 lau burung aviary
164 lauk-pauk a variety of cooked dishes
165 lauk a cooked dish of fish, meat, etc
166 laung to shout; to call loudly
167 laungan a shout; a loud cry
168 laut sea
169 lautan ocean
170 lawa pretty; elegant
171 lawan dalam infighting
172 lawan opponent; opposite
173 layak qualified; fit; suitable; eligible; competent
174 layan to serve (food); to entertain
175 layanan hospitality; service
176 layang-layang kite
177 layar to sail; a sail
178 layu wilted; withered
179 layur to parch
180 lebah bee
181 lebam bruise
182 lebar wide; broad
183 lebarnya width; breadth
184 lebat dense (of foliage or hair); heavy (of rain)
185 lebih kurang approximately; more or less
186 lebih-lebih lagi especially
187 lebih more; extra
188 lebihan excess
189 lebuh avenue
190 lebuhraya highway
191 lebur molten
192 lecek mashed
193 ledakan explosion; detonation
194 legup-legap sound of heartbeat; throbbing sound
195 leher neck
196 leka lax; slack; not strict; absorbed; carried away
197 lekah crack; groove; crevice (e.g. in wood)
198 lekang not adhering; cracking (from heat)
199 lekap to cuddle; to sit or lie close to; to stick to
200 lekar stand for cooking pots
201 lekas quickly; fast
202 lekat to adhere; to stick
203 lekit sticky
204 lekuk-lekak bumpy
205 lekuk hollow; concavity; dent
206 lekung sunken
207 lelabah spider
208 lelai droop (of branch, coconut leaf, etc)
209 lelangit palate
210 lelopak chamber holding cartridges (in a gun) or slides (in a projector)
211 lemah gemalai graceful
212 lemah hati soft-hearted
213 lemah lembut gentle; graceful
214 lemah semangat weak-willed
215 lemah weak; feeble; frail
216 lemak fat; fatty
217 lemang glutinous rice and coconut milk cooked in bamboo
218 lemas suffocation (in smoke, gas or by drowning)
219 lembaga (1)board; governing body (2)embryo; foetus
220 lembah valley
221 lembap moist; humid; damp
222 lembar a strand; numeral coefficient for paper, thread
223 lembaran sheet (of paper)
224 lembik flaccid
225 lembing javelin; spear
226 lembu cow
227 lembung inflatable
228 lembur overtime
229 lembut soft; gentle
230 lempang to slap; to smack; to hit
231 lempar to hurl; to fling
232 lempeng a kind of cake; pancake
233 lempuk a cake made from durian or jackfruit cooked with sugar
234 lempung soft and light
235 lena sound asleep
236 lencana badge
237 lencong to divert; to detour; to deviate
238 lencongan a detour; a diversion; a deviation
239 lendap a clot
240 lendir mucus
241 lendung to sag
242 lendut sagging
243 lengah to dilly-dally; to dawdle; to idle
244 lengan baju sleeve
245 lengan arm; forearm
246 lengang desolate; deserted; uninhabited
247 lengas moist; humid; clammy
248 lenggang to swing the arms; to sway the head and body
249 lenggok gait
250 lengkap complete; equipped
251 lengkok curve; bend; arc
252 lengkuas a type of root resembling ginger
253 lengkung curve; arc
254 lengkungan curvature
255 lenguh to moo
256 lengung to brood
257 lentam-lentum loud sound like that of a cannon
258 lentik somewhat curved
259 lenting to rebound; to spring back
260 lentok to incline the head
261 lentuk a bend
262 lentur flexible; supple
263 lenyak sound asleep
264 lenyap to disappear; to vanish
265 lepa plaster; mortar
266 lepak (1)very white; fair (2)to sit in a lazy way
267 lepas (1)after; past (2)to free
268 lepasan a graduate or school-leaver
269 lepat a type of cake steamed in banana leaves
270 leper flat-surfaced
271 lepuh blister
272 lepur to die through suffocation in mud
273 lerai to disengage; to break up
274 lesap to disappear; to vanish
275 lesi looking drawn and sickly
276 letih tired; weary
277 letup to explode
278 letus to erupt
279 lewat late
280 liang a hole; a burrow
281 liar wild; uncivilized
282 liat hard; firm
283 libat to involve
284 libur holiday
285 lidah tongue
286 ligat spinning fast
287 lihat to look at
288 likat thick and sticky
289 liku meandering or winding course
290 lilin candle; wax
291 lilit to entwine
292 lilitan circumference
293 lima five
294 limau gedang grapefruit
295 limau nipis lime
296 limau orange; lime; lemon
297 limbang to pan (in search of gold ore)
298 limbungan dockyard
299 limpa spleen
300 limpah to overflow
301 limpap (1)in layers (2)excessive debt
302 linang to flow (for tears or sweat)
303 lincah nimble
304 lincir smooth (in moving)
305 lindung to take refuge or shelter
306 lindungan haven; refuge
307 lingga colossus
308 lingkar a coil
309 lingkaran a convolution; a coil
310 lingkung to surround; to encircle
311 lingkungan encirclement; enclosure; sphere
312 lingkup cover
313 lintah leech
314 lintang-pukang helter-skelter
315 lintang horizontal
316 lintas to pass by; to cross
317 lipan centipede
318 lipas cockroach
319 lipat to fold
320 lipatan a fold
321 lipit narrow hem
322 lipur to comfort; to console
323 liput to cover; to comprise
324 liputan coverage; inclusion
325 lisan oral; verbal
326 lisut shrunken; soft
327 litar circuit
328 litup covered and concealed
329 liuk to snake; to sway
330 liwat sodomy
331 loba grasping; greedy for money or possessions
332 lobak merah carrot
333 lobak radish
334 Loceng bell
335 lodak sediment
336 lodeh mixed vegetables cooked to pulp
337 logam metal
338 logamaya mirage
339 loghat dialect; slang
340 lohong hole
341 loji industrial plant; factory; industrial site
342 lok curve of a kris
343 lokek mean; miserly; stingy
344 lolong a loud cry; a howl
345 lombong bijih tin mine
346 lombong mine for extracting metal, coal, etc
347 lompang vacant; empty; a vacuole; an air pocket
348 lompat bergalah pole vault
349 lompat jauh long jump
350 lompat kijang triple jump; hop, step and jump
351 lompat tinggi high jump
352 lompat to jump; to leap
353 lompatan a jump; a leap
354 loncat to hop
355 loncatan a hop
356 londeh to slip off or drop (as for sarong)
357 long a bottomless coffin
358 longgar loose; diffuse
359 longgok a heap or mass; a pile
360 longgokan a heap
361 longkah easily peeled off (e.g. flesh from the seed)
362 longkang drain
363 longlai swaying of body; weak
364 lonjak to gambol; to jump about playfully
365 lonjakan gamboling movement
366 lonjong oval; ovoid
367 lontar to throw; to hurl
368 lontong a type of Malay food made of rice and gravy
369 lopak puddle
370 lopong agape; empty
371 lorek stripe; band
372 lori truck; lorry
373 lorong lane; path
374 loteng attic
375 lotong black long-tailed monkey
376 loya nausea
377 loyang brass
378 luah to eject; to spit out
379 luak decreased in quantity
380 luang free
381 luap to boil over
382 luar bandar rural
383 luar batas off limit
384 luar biasa extraordinary
385 luar dalam inside out
386 luar negara overseas; abroad
387 luar nikah out of wedlock
388 luar outside
389 luaran exterior
390 luas wide; broad
391 luat to feel nauseated; to feel disgusted; to despise
392 lubang hole
393 lubuk gulf; deep part of a river
394 lucah obscene; lewd
395 lucu funny; comical
396 lucut denude
397 ludah saliva
398 luhur majestic; noble
399 luka wound; injury
400 lukah fish trap
401 lukis to draw
402 lukisan drawing
403 luluh crushed to powder
404 lulur to gulp
405 lulus to pass
406 lumang to smear
407 lumas to paint
408 lumat fine (powdery)
409 lumayan handsome (of amount); sufficient
410 lumba-lumba dolphin
411 lumba to race
412 lumpuh paralysis; paralytic
413 lumpur mud
414 lumrah normal
415 lumur to smear with fat during cooking
416 lumuran a smear
417 lumut moss; lichen
418 lunak mellow; soft
419 lunas (1)main point; source (2)keel
420 luncur to glide
421 lundi grub
422 lungkup upside down
423 lungsur to slide down
424 lunjur to stretch out the legs
425 luntur to discolour or fade
426 lupa to forget
427 luput expiry; termination of validity
428 lurah valley; groove
429 luru to dash
430 luruh to drop
431 lurus (1)straight (2)frank; honest
432 lurut to rub; to smoothen with fingers
433 lusa day after tomorrow
434 lusuh worn out; faded
435 lut penetrative
436 lutcahaya translucent
437 lutsinar transparent
438 lutut knee
439 luyu sleepy
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