Contoh Kalimat untuk Rural Landscape

Contoh Kalimat untuk Kata / Frase "Rural Landscape"
  • University researchers, Extension specialists, and other invited experts present research-based data and information related to profitable, efficient, and environmentally sustainable crop production strategies and systems to enhance the value of agriculture and the rural landscape in today‚Äôs ever-changing global climate.
  • Located in the rolling hills of New Gloucester, Maine, PINELAND FARMS is a 5,000-acre working farm, diverse business campus and educational and recreational venue that welcomes visitors to enjoy its beautiful rural landscape.
  • Mom and pop shops rely on them, and the rural landscape is speckled by nature with a few farms in between.
  • It is famous for the rural landscape, mountains, lakes and hot springs.
  • Set in the rural landscape of Herefordshire Hellens is a much-loved Tudor/Jacobean home with an incredible tapestry of stories, characters, art, furniture, grounds and gardens.
  • Irish Rural Landscape Our Price:
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