Contoh Kalimat untuk River Basin

Contoh Kalimat untuk Kata / Frase "River Basin"
  • Joseph River Basin to better understand barriers and opportunities to climate adaptation in the region.
  • Upper Salmon River Water District 170 Proposed Expansion – On August 17, 2022, the Department issued a preliminary order expanding, modifying, combining, and abolishing water districts in the Upper Salmon River Basin.
  • River Basin Center.
  • Vaishali Sharda, assistant professor of biological and agricultural engineering, has received a USDA grant to develop water and nutrient management strategies to aid in managing climate risks and preserving resources in the eastern Kansas River Basin.
  • The Soil & Water Assessment Tool is a small watershed to river basin-scale model used to simulate the quality and quantity of surface and ground water and predict the environmental impact of land use, land management practices, and climate change.
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