Contoh Kalimat untuk Ripening Phase

Contoh Kalimat untuk Kata / Frase "Ripening Phase"
  • They will then inject ethylene gas into the storage units to get them to their desired ripening phase, before selling to the consumer.
  • Ripening phase involves both catabolism and accumulation of key metabolites.
  • Many patients may start to experience mild contractions during the cervical ripening phase.
  • The grapes have a long ripening phase, hence the sugar reading at harvest is higher, as is the aroma potential.
  • The culture enters the ripening phase when the acidification phase ends.
  • The pH of chinese cabbage kimchi was 4.2 on 3rd day (optimal ripening phase) andmere decreased to 3.5 after 5 days, but in leek kimci the pH 4.2 could be reached after 10 days at $20^{\circ}C$.
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