Contoh Kalimat untuk Randomized Block

Contoh Kalimat untuk Kata / Frase "Randomized Block"
  • Randomized Block Designs use a special form of ANOVA blocking model that uses dummy-coded variables to represent the blocks.
  • Using a randomized block design, the subjects are assessed and put in blocks of four according to how severe their skin condition is;
  • The experiment was arranged in a complete randomized block design with three replicates for each cultivar [two cultivars, CHE:
  • 12.3.3 Randomized Block Designs 500 12.3.4 A Nonparametric Method—Friedman’s Test 503 12.4 Concluding Remarks 504 12.5 Problems 505 13 The Analysis of Categorical Data 514 13.1 Introduction 514 13.2 Fisher’s Exact Test 514 13.3 The Chi-Square Test of Homogeneity 516 13.4 The Chi-Square Test of Independence 520 13.5 Matched-Pairs Designs ...
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